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 Hellooooooooooo lovely readers!!!

I have been thinking about this for some time now, and I have decided to make a HUGE change with my blog. I am moving over to blogger so I can merge my business and personal blogs into one. So from now on Purrfect Papercraft and this blog can be found here =) I'm quite excited about the changes I am making and am hopeful about where the merge will take me personally and my wee business!



PS - It's Friday! Hallelujah! My family flies home today, can't wait to see them! Baking Strawberry and Cream cupcakes to celebrate yum yum! xx
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Summer, summer, summer tiiiiiiime!!!

So today is the Summer Solstice, or the longest day. It's good because it means we're at the hight of summer, but also bed because the nights begin to get shorter from here. Winter is coming!! Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy winter and I love Christmas, but I'm sad to see what little summer we had go! Here's what summer has looked like so far for me;

Experiments with nail varnish

Perfecting my rum truffle making technique

Day trips with my Mam

Finally getting to see the Boy Band of my childhood in the flesh!

Plenty of fun times with this lady

A mini break in the beautiful Lake District

Going to a cowboy/cowgirl themed night and being the only one out of my friends in fancy dress!

Crimping my hair and having HUGE hair for a day!

Walks around the lake in the sunshine

Actually having some sunshine and needing to wear my Sunnies!

Digging out some of my summer wardrobe - some old and some new. (Think the bottom right is my favourite!)

And I've had stalls at two craft fairs so far!!

What have you been up to so far this summer?

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Photo Dump!!

Hey hey!! First of all, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! Hope all the Dad's in the world have had a great day so far. Mine is currently in Spain with my Mam and little brother, but I spoke to him on Skype earlier. They're all so tanned!! It's OK though, I applied my first layer of fake tan this morning lol!!

Anyhoo ... It's been a little while isnce my last post, so I thought it would be easier to just post all the pics I've taken recently instead of describing everything and writing a loooooooooooong post!! So here goes ...

Snuggle time with Lucy

Beautiful sunny afternoons in Corbridge

Mary sneakily trying to change the channel!

Our Easter cactus miraculously blooming again when all the other flowers in it had died.

Welcome to the world Kaedem!! My friend gave birth on Saturday 11th, 4 days overdue.

Waking up in the morning to find Lucy all cuddled in!

I baked cupcakes for the refreshments after my friends Wedding on the 11th

And I watched two friends start their lives together as Husband and Wife! <3
It's been a good month despite some big and rather ugly set backs!! It really has been a rollercoaster haha!!
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Wednesday Wonders - twist!

Instead of Wednesday Wonders this week I will be posting about my youngest cat, Mary. For a while now I have been wanting to get her a crinkle play tube or a snazzy pyramid bed as she loved to climb inside anything and everything and explore! So, I finally bought her a tube complete with a jingly bell ball and a fluffy ball to play with. To be honest I wasn't really expecting her to play much, just lie inside and sleep, but she loves in and promptly dived inside and went wild!! I had such a giggle watching her! (Also, I bought a blue one but should have gone for pink! I'll get that next time.)

Such a cutie!! xx
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OMG TAKE THAT WERE AMAAAAAAAAZIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D I went to see them last night and I am still buzzing from it!! The Pet Shop Boys supported them, and they were a GREAT tart to the evening! The weather had been wet and windy all dya but luckily for us it held off and was actually quite sunny for a little bit! aaah it was the BEST show I have ever been to! Totally magic!

I took a ridiculous amount of photos and sang so hard my throat hurt, but I had a fantastic time and would do it again tomorrow!! I bought a Tshirt while I was there and have been wearing it with pride! =D

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What a weekend!

I feel as though this weekend has gone over so fast! I'm shattered now, but feeling in SUCH a good mood!

On Friday my friend Jess invited me round, and we got some tea in and had a few drinks. We had a right good catch up and a little play on Call of Duty (I suck so bad compared to Jess!!) and in the end I decided just to stay over. We woke up quite late on Saturday and had a lazy morning before I went back home. We had a giggle because I was blocked in and had to go on a bit of a mission to find the owner of the offending car (who turned out to be a builder) so it took me a good 10 minutes from walking out of her door to driving away!

Saturday night I went to Samanthas house and we ordered Indian food. There was sooooooo much food! We ordered the set meal for 2 and it could have easily fed 4! Her boyfriend was delighted when he got home from the pub and saw all the food waiting for him!

Tonight I am just going to chill in the living room and watch TV with my parents. It's been so good catching up with my girlfriends and just being so chilled out.

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More birthday celebrations for Mam!

Just a quick post today because it's late! My Mam and I went out with a Mother/daughter combo who we are both friend with through work - Sandra and Samantha. When I was 16 Sam and I worked together, and now her Mam and mine work together!! My mam chose to go to Sale Pepe in Shotley Bridge and it was delicious as always! I just LOVE Italian food!! It was a really good night with good banter and plenty of laughter! 

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Crazy week!

There's been a lot happening this week, all of which has lifted my mood left me feeling really happy! It's probably the happiest I've felt since I broke up with Chris four months ago.

Wednesday was my Mam's birthday, so we all got up quite early and made a huge fuss of her before we went to work. It's her and Dad's wedding Anniversary too which is really sweet =) We all went to Jashn for tea, which is a relatively new Indian restaurant t the bottom of the hill from where we live. The food was fantastic!!! My parents had been before but this was my first time. I was extremely impressed and would definitely go again. I had the Goa King prawn for starter, which on paper is something I usually wouldn't like but actually couldn't get enough of! It's a large tiger prawn grilled and served in a rich sauce of spinach and coconut cream. Mmmmmmm delicious!! For my main I had Chicken Methi Bhuna which was cooked with fenguareka leaf  and fresh coriander and laced with garlic and tomatoes. We all had rice and we shared a chilli naan. I was told it was hot, but it was on FIRE!!!! I was so hot the waiters were laughing and brought me some iced water!!! Phew!! My Dad had this set-your-guts-on-fire curry which I had a tiny taste of and let me tell you - I won't be making that mistake again!! 

It was a fun night though and the restaurant was beautiful inside. I really enjoyed the food and enjoyed spending quality time with my parents.

On Friday we all got in the car and went to the Lake District. It's one of my favourite places to be. It was sad because we had to drop Lucy and Mary (our cats) off at the cattery, but it's only for 3 nights and it's the last time they'll ever have to go as I will be here to look after them in future. I had a fab time exploring and eating delicious food. I'm such a foodie person, it's why I'll never be skinny lol!!! This is what my weekend looked like -

Dove Cottage - William Wordsworth's house!

Yew Tree Farm - where the film "Miss Potter" was filmed.

My Mam and I have just been to collect the cats and bring them home, so the house feels like home again! Back to work for everyone in the morning so the holiday is over already =( I need to win the lottery so I can have a permanent holiday in the Lakes!!